An Inconvenient Temperature

So here we are on June 5, and we’re supposed to be having this overwhelming feeling that the warm days of summer are underway. What’s going wrong? We should be enjoying comfortable temperatures in the upper 70s. And according to,

North Dakota’s delightful summer season is at its best in June, July and August, and is perfect for all outdoor activities. The days are warm, sometimes even hot, but nights are one-blanket cool for restful sleep.

So what’s the temperature today at 1:06 p.m.?

52 degrees.

And that’s what is in the forecastable future too.

Global warming? I’ll take one, please…

It’s Cold and Miserable Outside

There’s a nasty winter storm out there … I just posted the following note for clients so they know why we may be a little late on the phones tomorrow:

To clients of

We often have fun telling people that Fargo, North Dakota is the Silicon Valley of the North. While Fargo does have a regional reputation for high technology, we do sometimes fail to keep up with Silicon Valley in the weather department. When December rolls around the weather does tend to get a bit uncooperative at times. Last Saturday evening marked the start of a severe winter storm that is lasting all weekend. The worst of the storm “should” have passed by Monday morning, but our city crew will have a lot of work in front of them to get the roads opened up for safe travel. For that reason, the staff may not be readily accessible until later in the day on Monday. Thanks for understanding!

If you’re not familiar with the weather found in our region, here’s a bit of what we are experiencing:

  • Monday’s high temperature is forecast to reach -11 F (-24 C).
  • Fargo, ND is located at the intersections of two Interstate highways (I-29 and I-94). Both highways are closed to traffic for over 100 miles in all directions.
  • Locals typically plug in their cars during periods of cold temperatures. No, this isn’t the latest in alternate fuel vehicles … we have block heaters in our vehicles to keep the vehicle’s “vital fluids” from getting too cold, allowing the vehicles to start easier. Without these additional heaters, vehicles will often need to be towed to a heated garage to “thaw out.”
  • A pre-storm trip to stock up on food at the grocery store resulted in me obtaining one of the last eight shopping carts available, and standing in long checkout lines. (All lanes were open, all were at least four customers deep.)
  • Our local newspaper the Fargo Forum, published this story: Blizzard Blasts Fargo-Moorhead … and the accompanying reader photos from the storm.
  • The Fargo Forum also publishes a school, church, and business closed due to inclement weather list.

By the way, is hiring! Those interested in applying for a position in our Customer Service department, please contact us. Just remember, cold weather gear is required! 🙂

Dave Hultin and the crew at

It will be interesting to see if we get any applicants!

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