The Doctrine of Resolution

If I ever write a book, I think it will be titled something like The Doctrine of Resolution.

Resolution is nothing new … graphic design circles talk about resolution all the time to refer to the level of detail in a graphic. What looks perfect at a resolution of 72 pixles per inch may not look so good when the designer has the ability to zoom in to 300 pixels per inch.

As I move further into “I’ve had lots of experiences in this world” territory, I have really been able to apply the concept of resolution to so many things. A cake will turn out right if baked in an oven at 300 degrees. If the resolution of that temperation is the nearest 5 degrees, the cake will be fine (between 295 and 305 degrees). If the resolution of that temperature is 100 degrees, then I might (or might not) have a problem, depending where the “real” temperature falls in that range of 200-400 degrees.

Same thing with tire pressure. 35 pounds with a resolution of 2 pounds … not a problem. 35 pounds with a resolution of 15 pounds … potential for a problem.

An event scheduled to start at 7:05 (or 7:07) has a resolution different than an event scheduled to start at 7:00. People attending the 7:07 event would expect the event to start at 7:07. People attending the 7:00 event would expect the event to start at about 7:00.

As I’m writing this I find myself thinking, “This sounds a lot like relativism.” I want to point out that I do not subscribe to the ideas of relativism as it relates to spiritual issues. I believe the big-brushstroke difference is that my “doctrine” of resolution provides a way of looking at the extremes of absolutes.

So keep your eye open for the book. You’ll see it in about 30 years. (Or should I say in 28 years, 37 weeks, and 14 days!)

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