Why You Should Follow @PCSFalcons

You were most likely directed to this page by a recent tweet invitation. Please consider following @PCSFalcons, the Twitter account of Park Christian School. As a fellow Christian or Christian organization in the Fargo-Moorhead region we’d like to encourage you to follow @PCSFalcons.

Reason #1 – Get PCS Updates

If you’re a member of the PCS family (PCS student, family of a PCS student, staff) use the @PCSFalcons Twitter account to receive timely updates and announcements about everything relating to Park. Sure you can get all the reminders through the school newsletter, emails, notes from school, etc. Just consider the tweets as an extra nudge to your memory!

But following @PCSFalcons isn’t intended to be limited to just existing members of the PCS family. Far from it! Keep reading…

Reason #2 – Grow the PCS Community

It is our desire to tell the people of the Fargo-Moorhead region what makes Park Christian School different. Please visit the Why Park Christian School? page to learn about the Christ-centered education Park Christian School provides. When you follow @PCSFalcons you help us expose PCS to your Twitter followers, creating a greater awareness of Park and the vital role it plays in the Christian community.

Reason #3 – Promote the Christian Community

We desire to promote the Christian community in the Fargo-Moorhead region. @PCSFalcons would be honored to play a part in promoting the activities of your church or Christian organization by tweeting your events and activities. Our followers are your followers … and together we are all followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, promoting the activity of the body of Christ together. Using Twitter in this way can help us all promote the cause of Christ together.

Reason #4 – Further the Kingdom of God

Tthe first three reasons why you should follow @PCSFalcons are all important, but they all pale in comparison to this final reason: as Christians our goal is to glorify our God in everything we do … and that includes the tweets that are sent through the @PCSFalcons account. At the moment the way the Twitter account is glorifying God is by advocating the activities of Park Christian School and supporting its mission: “To be a Christ-centered academic community equipping students to think biblically, live wisely, and serve faithfully.” We wish to create an active and vibrant online community, focused on glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ, and to do that we need followers to join in the conversation. We need you!

Will you consider following @PCSFalcons? All you need to do is go to http://twitter.com/pcsfalcons, sign in and click the Follow button.

Will you tell others about @PCSFalcons? Use the share links below and/or copy this content for your own (re)use.

One Response to Why You Should Follow @PCSFalcons

  1. davehultin says:

    Update: Park Christian School now has an active Facebook page as well: https://www.facebook.com/ParkChristianSchool. The mechanisms for sharing information on Facebook are a little more complete than what is currently available in Twitter, so the big long messages like the one on this page aren’t as necessary with Facebook. The bottom line: please like https://www.facebook.com/ParkChristianSchool for all the same reasons you’re considering following Twitter!

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