Two Clients in June 09 Printing Impressions

Yesterday I was catching up on some industry reading, and was thrilled to see two clients of prominently featured in the June 2009 Printing Impressions magazine!

Jan and Mike Peissig of Gateway Printing are featured on the cover, with a great feature titled Working for the Long Term.

Frank Stewart and Carrie Parkinson of New Vision Printing and Graphics picked up a very nice mention in the Editor’s Notebook: New Vision Is Thriving Despite Bad Economy. A strong testimonial was pointing our way with this part of the story:

And he credits his firm’s Website ( as a great sales tool by projecting a more sophisticated image than one would expect for a company with under 20 employees and a little more than $1 million in annual sales.

Congratulations to Gateway Printing and New Vision Printing and Graphics for picking up the great press!

Advertisements Client Mentioned in Canadian Printer Magazine picked up a nice mention in Canadian Printer magazine as part of a story on one of our clients.

The story, No Waiting Till Tomorrow, is a great profile on Emily Lai of BCT Toronto. Emily and her staff had many good things to say. If I had to narrow it down to one favorite take-away, here it is:

She reveals that the company has been able to sign up a lot of new dealers simply because of the Web presence. Since going online she can identify a definite increase in business.

Congratulations Emily and BCT Toronto on getting some great press!

Printer@Work Success Stories!

It’s no secret that the Printer@Work e-mail newsletter is one of my favorite things to talk about with prospects considering One of our clients send us this fabulous report back from one of her customers! Here’s what our client, and her customer had to say…

Dave, a customer just emailed a nice note on the email newsletter!
Thank you for doing such a great job. I actually got two comments on this today.

BR, Owner

—— Forwarded Message
From: EG
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 12:10:58 -0800
To: BR
Subject: about your newsletter

Hello B,

I just wrote this email to my boss, and I realized you may be interested in my thoughts too, just to know that I appreciate your enewsletter.  We are working on designing our own for BB, and I’ve passed this on as an example.

Here is an example of what I consider to be a very helpful and well organized enewsletter. I particularly like B’s note of “how I see it” today titled “Against the Odds.”  She always makes the notes personal, relating an inspirational story, and tied to the emotional contact she wants to generate with her clients.  They are also always short which makes them easy to read.  I consider this very successful to reach people like me – very little time or interest to read things in full, but I feel like I can always take the 3 minutes to fully read her enewsletters; and they make me feel good about working with them, and inspired in general. (Customer confidence!)

Thanks for the helpful tips and uplifting words every week; your newsletter is one I actually look forward to reading!  And I spend time perusing the helpful hints and design tidbits too – I’ve gotten so much out of them.

Keep up the good work!

—— End of Forwarded Message

(Names reduced to initials to protect their privacy.) Leads to 30% Growth for Online Business

Gary Chmielewski from Northern Ohio Printing provided this great testimonial at Graph Expo 2008, explaining how helped the amount of online business grow 30% in just the first year of using a website from!

Gary is a very smart owner and marketer, is proud to be able to provide his website!

We Love!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this “motion picture” is priceless!

You Get What You Pay For

Apparently that is the chant being issued by the PrinterPresence staff on the floor of Graph Expo. We overheard a prospect mention that very phrase while holding a PrinterPresence brochure in his hands. I would counter that you don’t get what you pay for with Printer Presence. If they can’t compete on the objective merits of the product then they must resort to competing on subjective items as implied by the “You get what you pay for” comments.

Considering that provides a better product for less money, I’d say that claim is on very shaky ground. Consider this: has sent out over 200 issues of the e-mail newsletter Printer@Work on behalf of our clients. It’s a powerful tool that allows printers to connect with their customers; it’s included with each website at no additional charge. We provide the content, the printer doesn’t have to do a thing … it just works!

Contrast that to the product offered by PrinterPresence … it seems their e-mail tool costs extra and doesn’t include content. That means more work for printers to create content. (edited)

There’s more … but I’d rather rest up for the last big day of Graph Expo. Many more people to meet and more shoulders to rub!!! Demonstrates Three Product Enhancements at Graph Expo 2008 is demonstrating three significant enhancements to its product lineup this year at Graph Expo 2008: Private Label Websites, Totally Custom Websites, and a major upgrade to its PDF workflow, PDF Piranha. These enhancements join the turnkey suite of sales, marketing, and print production tools printers need to be able to leverage success on the Internet.

PDF Piranha

Never before has it been so easy for printers’ customers to create ready-to-print files. A one-time download and installation of the PDF Piranha software allows the end user to print from any application directly to the printer’s website. After the file is transferred to the website it is run through a thorough preflight procedure, alerting the customer to items that may need attention (such as low-resolution graphics) and instantly correcting common errors that would otherwise lead to delays in print production. After preflight, the customer immediately is able to view a PDF proof of their order, with clear visual indicators pointing to items that may still need attention.

The customer realizes the benefits of being able to print directly from their native application, and the printer benefits from the automatic error correction provided by the PDF Piranha workflow. All parties benefit from the ease of use and time savings created by PDF Piranha.

Private Label Websites

The Online Print Center is the “nerve center” of a website, allowing customers to initiate estimate requests and place orders, and facilitating the communication between printers and their customers as print orders progress through the website. The Private Label Websites enhancement takes the Online Print Center to a whole new level, providing clients with a way to easily present the business end of their website in a “skin” created to match their customer’s brand.

Private Label Websites allow the printer to maintain full control of the print order process while at the same time allowing the printer’s customers to display their corporate identity. Private Label Websites are typically deployed to organizations where it is desirable to allow the organization’s members or employees to have direct access to the print ordering process, including access to static and variable Document Library items.

Totally Custom Websites provides clients with eighteen professionally designed websites. For printers desiring to bring their own unique branding to their website, now offers Totally Custom Website design services. Now it is possible to create a unique design and wrap it around all the power and functionality of a website. This allows printers to present themselves to the world in exactly the way they want to be seen.

About has been helping printers successfully leverage the power of the Internet to create success stories since 2001. Developed by industry veteran Mike Stevens in Fargo, North Dakota, was created for printers by a printer. provides Internet-based sales, marketing, and print production tools which would otherwise be beyond the reach of small and mid-sized commercial printers.

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