The Red Equals Sign

I have to admit feeling a little saddened at all the red equals signs floating out there in social media circles the last few days. It saddens me to know that so many people are lending their support to the campaign for marriage equality.

Now please … please, please, please … please don’t think I’m a homophobe. I’m not. I wish the whole equality discussion wasn’t an issue at all, but judging by the number of red equals signs I’ve seen … it’s going to be an issue.

So, regardless of your sexual orientation, who are you trying to please? If you’re living for yourself and have no room for Jesus Christ, then being gay really isn’t an issue at all; you only need to please yourself. I would suggest if you’re living for yourself it’s much more important to get right with God, whether you’re gay, straight, short, tall, or ______ . (Fill in your own blank.) He’s the One who created you, and He loves you no matter how you filled in that blank.

Thankfully, someone much wiser than myself is able to lend a clear voice to this topic. Please meet someone I’m honored to call my pastor, Dr. Matthew R. St. John. Please follow the link to watch a very lovingly prepared discussion about homosexuality:

I hope you have time to watch the whole thing, but if you can only take a little bit of time I’d like to suggest the most relevant part of Pastor Matthew’s sermon can be found from 33:02 to 35:50.

And then … consider shifting the bottom line of the red equals sign so it’s pointing in a different direction. That shift in perspective makes all the difference in the world!


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