For the last few weeks I’ve really been struck by the excellence I see in our children. “Excellence” is, I believe, one of those words that can get overused to the point where the true meaning gets overlooked. If you look up the word “excellence” in a dictionary you’ll probably see a definition that speaks to the ability to excel at something. That’s exactly what I’m seeing in our kids. They have all demonstrated their ability to excel.

Emily’s Excellence

Emily is really developing into a pretty darn good cross county runner! Even though she’s in eighth grade, she has been given the opportunity to run varsity cross county races … and she does quite well! It’s so much fun to watch her race and see her excel as a runner.

Tessa’s Excellence

Tessa is in fifth grade this year which means she’s starting a band instrument. I spent some time with her trying to help her find out which instrument would be the best fit, and we settled on the oboe. This is a pretty big deal because oboe is one of the more difficult instruments to learn. Tessa is a natural and she’s doing great! It’s fun to watch Tessa excel on the oboe!

Andrew’s Excellence

Andrews excellence is showing up in a way I didn’t expect. It seems as if he’s turned into a protector of sorts for one of the kindergartners at school. He found out that one of the kindergarten girls was getting picked on a little bit at recess and he told her that if she ever gets picked on that she can come and find him and he’ll take care of her. It appears that this is something he’s done all on his own! It’s really touches my heart to know that Andrew is excelling as a trustworthy friend.

This is only a small sampling of the excellence I see in these wonderful kids! I could go on about soccer, piano, art, and all kinds of stuff. But that would get boring quick, so I’ll just close by saying it’s such a treat to see these kids develop their excellence!

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