Carman … One More Time

“Way back when” … in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s … I had the opportunity to see Carman concert four different times. (If you don’t know who he is, Carman is a Christian music superstar with a bio that just doesn’t stop!) One concert in particular was a life-changer. I was hooked on his music and his message, and more importantly his music and message got me fired up for Jesus in a way I had never felt before! That night I learned that being a Christian and having fun are not mututally exclusive. Fast-forward 25-ish years later. Never would have I imagined I would have had the opportunity to see him in concert again.

Thankfully, my imagination was incorrect! Tonight I had the opportunity to hear him one more time at Fargo’s First Assembly. This time, however, I had the opportunity to share the excitement with a new generation … my kids! (Well, two of my kids. Andrew just doesn’t enjoy the concert scene yet.) The truth is I’d already hooked them on his music when I first played The Champion for them. Emily and Tessa were very excited to join Judy and I at tonight’s concert!


One of Tessa’s pictures

Carman did not disappoint. He performed a wide variety of his music, and I could sing along with many of the songs that I remembered from my “way back when” collection. His messages is still clear and strong, and his ability to “wow” a crowd is still there. The venue was intimate and more subdued than the other times I’ve seen him … but a few decades does change things! 🙂

The bottom line: We had a blast!

The girls got Carman’s autograph after the concert

And who knows? Maybe this still wasn’t the last time to see him in concert!

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