Today marked my first performance with the Bethel praise team for the Sunday worship services! It really was a big deal for me … but let me quickly take the “me” out of the story, because playing keyboards today really was about praising the name of God, and nothing else.

It seems, all too often, that the term worship is often thought to be synonymous with simply making music at church. And while I had the opportunity to make music today by playing the keyboards at church, worship isn’t about performance or music … it’s about the condition of the heart. Worship is about opening the path for unworthy humans to communicate with a holy God. (On a side note, I’m so thankful for the leaders at Bethel church for the care they take to make sure that worship is properly experienced.)

It was so much fun reflecting on the worship experience with my kids. It was a true joy to remind them that while I was totally enjoying the experience … it was really about something much bigger … it was about having the opportunity to serve God through the use of my talents.

One Response to Worship

  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for sharing that experience and the reality of true worship.

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