Mitt Romney’s Taxes

Today’s big political news: Mitt Romney’s federal income tax rate is around 15%. I’m not a big fan of Mitt Romney being the next guy in the oval office, but I have to say knowing that his tax rate is at the 15% mark scores points in my book. But I’d guess I’m in the minority. Can you just here all the whining and complaining coming up? No doubt many will start singing the “He’s rich, he needs to pay more taxes!” song.

I for one would rather see his money (and the money of others in similar positions of wealth) working hard in the engine of free enterprise and capitalism instead of … uhmm … “working” its way through the federal government’s tax code. The incentives (lower tax rates) are there to encourage pro-growth activity. He didn’t cheat, he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s not hoarding, he’s investing. He wisely chose to use his money in a way that reduced his tax burden. That’s a smart business decision. Do you really want someone who’s not making smart business decisions running the country?

Let’s cheer him on when he’s putting his money to good use. It not only helps him, it helps us all.

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