Fargo’s Memorial Day Storm

Wow, that was quite a storm! Straightline winds estimated to be over 70 miles per hour ripped through Fargo on the evening of Memorial Day, May 30, 2011. Here’s how it looks from my point of view:

A soffit panel on the underside of our porch was pulled away. The swingset in this view was probably one of the first things to go, so that’s hardly worth mentioning.

Here’s another view of the damaged soffit:

Our camper was lifted off the ground. At least that’s the only explanation I have for this photo of the front stabilizer jack.

I suspect the front of the camper end briefly lifted enough for the top board to blow backwards a bit, and then when the camper came down again it was “reset” in this new position.

Some shingles were loosened and repositioned.

A closer on our front storm door was bent. (I suspect this happened as we rushed to get inside and I was trying to hold the door steady for everyone else to get in without getting slapped by the door being blown into their face.)

And then my favorite … the attic access panel didn’t look quite right. It looks normal in the picture below, but when I was wrestling with the door the pressure difference must have inflated the house to the point where it “popped” the access door open. I found it resting all kittywhumpus in the access frame. I suspect that’s due in part to the super-tight nature of an ICF house.

We lost power for about three hours, and that was the worst of it.

Beyond the obvious damage I have two random comments about the storm. One of the most amazing parts to me is that while the wind was ripping shingles and lifting campers, it left other things virtually untouched. Take a look again at the first photo in this post; there’s a potted plant on a glass-topped table in the bottom-left corner. I don’t think it even moved an inch. How’d that happen? The other random comment is about the trees. I think it’s amazing and God-designed that while a powerful wind can rip off roofs and knock down trees, the individual leaves just keep on hanging on, going about their business of being a leaf.

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