EntreLeadership Brain Dump

Well, it’s done. The three-day EntreLeadership course is complete. Time to do a brain-dump and capture the most important takeaways from the event.

Without a doubt, the biggest takeaway for me was simply this: Scale. Huh? Scale? It wasn’t even an official lesson topic, it just showed up in a few conversations within the lessons and really stuck with me. I heard things like “Make sure you build it so it will scale.” Or “That won’t scale.”

So what does “scale” mean? To me (at least in the context of EntreLeadership) it means that you build your systems, processes, and organization so that it can easily adapt to different levels of activity, production, demand, etc. … as in “scale up to a new level.” That doesn’t mean the organization has to get bigger (scale up) in order to be successful, but it does mean that if the owner does want to allow the business to get bigger the mechanisms are in place to easily allow the change to happen. The system, process, and/or business can scale.

I took another meaning from “scale.” A good leader will train his or her employees so they can scale too. There’s only so much time in a day, and no matter what you do you won’t get more time. The solution? Don’t lead your project, lead your people so they can lead your projects. There, you’ve just scaled yourself by enabling more people to do what you were doing.

Other takeaways…

DISC profiles (a personality profile that gives insight into how people make decision and what their tendencies are) are a huge part of the Dave Ramsey organization. DISC profiles are clearly posted at everyone’s workspace so coworkers know how to best communicate with each other.

Similarly, while everyone at the Dave Ramsey organization fits into the company culture, that doesn’t mean they are cookie cutter robots, each one like the other. When touring Financial Peace Plaza (the building that houses Dave’s 300+ employees) it’s clear that everyone buys into the culture. At the same time everyone maintains their own unique personality.

Here’s a quote from the lesson on communication: “A team is not a team without a shared goal and vision.” Simple and powerful. I need to make sure the teams where I work have a shared goal and vision.

The gossip policy is real and passionately defended by the Dave Ramsey employees.

Dave Ramsey’s exhortation, with a hat-tip to Winston Churchill, to “Never give up!” was definitely a high moment.

And one of the nicest surprises was the opportunity to frequently visit with Aaron West. I’ve never met him before, but I got to know his father-in-law quite well in Fargo. Aaron works for the Dave Ramsey organization on the audio-visual team. Even though I never met him until this conference he made me feel like a long-time friend.

2 Responses to EntreLeadership Brain Dump

  1. Loved reading your takeaways’s from the 3Day Event. I did the weeklong Master Series in Cancun November 2009. It was awesome! Maybe I should publish my takeway’s on my blog…hadn’t thought of that. Enjoyed your recap!

    • davehultin says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback! I’m sneaking up to the end of the EntreLeadership book now. I’m finding it’s the same info in book form, but it’s all very good info that needs to be drilled into my head over and over … and over … and over again! Perhaps I’ll some day have the opportunity to do the weeklong Master Series like you (and then I can add a few more “overs” to my previous sentence!)

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