The End of a Generation

Earlier today I learned of the passing of my aunt Ann Hultin. My reactions to death have really become moreintrospective since my father’s passing earlier this year (see A Day to Remember Reverend Irvin Hultin and Memories of Dad). Ann’s passing is particularly meaningful to me because her passing marks the end of that particular generation of the Hultin family. There has no doubt been a lot of history created since the early 1900’s which marked the starting point for Dad’s generation. I wish I had the opportunity to know and enjoy more of the history Dad’s generation created … but it’s all memories now, at least on this side of eternity. For now I’m stuck waiting until I get to their side of eternity—then the stories will really begin!

One Response to The End of a Generation

  1. Its Dec. 22 and I’m reading this post for the first time. Understanding this process very well at this time of year. I think of my Aunt Marcy who passed from Cancer a few years back. Thoughts like this will make you smile, laugh and cry. But the memories are yours. Created by those that you continue to hold in your heart.

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