Connecting Dots Before Election Day

First dot: This excellent editorial titled Nothing Left to Covet. You can see the first bit of the article at, here’s the important part:

Fact No. 1 is that only 3 percent of all the taxpayers in the United States pay more in income taxes than the other 97 percent combined. Fact No. 2 is that even if you taxed that 3 percent of our population at a rate of 100 percent of their income, you wouldn’t produce enough additional revenue to cover the deficits our federal government is now incurring each year.

One more powerful point made in the editorial:

…at the end of the day, even if the tax law gets changed so that rich people have to pay 40 percent of their income instead of just 30 percent, the coveters end up with virtually none of that difference.

Second dot: Last Sunday’s sermon about Envy was very powerful and ties in very nicely with the editorial mentioned above. The sermon not only resonates on a personal level, but also on the larger national level when combined with the editorial.

It’s worth a listen, and a good reminder about how destructive envy can be. Pastor Matthew’s blog compliments the sermon and has more on the subject too.

Third dot: There will be no vote before election day to extend the tax cuts enacted by President Bush. I really dislike the way the term “tax cuts” is being thrown around. It makes it seem as though the high-income earners are being unfairly taxed by not paying enough … when in reality the percentage they pay is much more than us “common folk.” The higher tax rates for larger incomes is “politically correct” envy.

Fourth dot: Election day. This is when it all comes together. All the cowardly members of Congress who are too afraid to take a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts equalizations will need to answer to “We the People.” They’re willing to put what’s best for the country aside in favor of their own personal political agendas (called “reelection campaigns”). I can only hope “We the People” have enough spine to offset their cowardice.

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