Enough with the Bag Already!

You know what bugs me? Buying one small “something” and the cashier immediately puts it in a bag. When I just bought a small item or two that’s easy to carry the last thing I want at home is another plastic bag to throw away.

I’m not making an ultra-earth-aware statement … I believe it’s arrogant to think that us mere mortal humans can single-handedly mess up God’s creation (that’s a soapbox for another time!), but at the same time I feel it’s good stewardship to care for what’s around us, and it’s stewardship that requires no extra effort. (In fact, it requires less effort because the cashier can just skip the bag routing.) So I’d just rather not have that extra plastic bag. It’s just plain silly and wasteful to put something I can easily carry in my hand into a bag.

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