The Great American Vacation Day Two

Today was GAV (The Great American Vacation) Day Two. It started with a liesurely awakening at the campground, then on the road to Wisconsin Dells. The closer we got the more the excitement built! We had a quick meal, then off to the DellBoo campground. First impressions of DellBoo: average and adequate.

Weather today: hot and humid. While I set up the camper (in the sweltering heat!) Judy and the kids cooled off in the pool. Go figure! 🙂

Then off to town to see the Tommy Barrlett Water show. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot all the childhood memories came flooding back … the big welcoming sign, the wooded path to the show, all the good memories! The show was a lot of fun in spite of the uncomfortably hot weather; the kids all had their favorite parts.

After the show we took a super-quick tour of the main drag, then the big black clouds rolled in so we returned to the camper. Thankfully the storm wasn’t anything but rain, and thankfully we chose the 4:30 water show instead of the 8:00 show.

And so ended GAV Day Two, another success!

Last minute update: Several times in the night between GAV Day 1 and GAV Day 2 we had lots of rain. The sound of rain on a camper roof is one of my favorite sounds, but I’m not sure my kids agree. The rain came during non-attractions hours so the plans for GAV remain unchanged!

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