The Great American Vacation Day One

Today was day one of the The Great American Vacation (GAV). It was, in one simple word, perfect!

GAV actually started yesterday in my mind. I had planned to work a full day of work but I was able to finish everything much sooner than anticipated so I started cleaning out some old files. As I started throwing old papers I found myself thinking, “This paper could help start a campfire!” And with that I left work early, and The Great American Vacation was underway!

Today was mostly a driving day:
– We left Fargo on schedule at 7:30.
– We filled gas in Freeport MN, which looked like a beautiful small town.
– We had lunch at a rest area near the Twin Cities and took some time to walk and stretch.
– One more quick stop somewhere in Wisconsin just ‘cuz

And then we arrived in Osseo, WI at the Stoney Creek RV park. It is a beautiful campground, very clean! Some swimming, mini golf, and a campfire … and then bedtime.

Oh … and for those that like to tease me about the “to the minute” planning I did – we arrived at the campground less than 10 minutes off the schedule! 🙂

Beautiful weather, just a touch of road construction, and a perfect Great American Vacation Day One!

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