Unveils Admin Toolbar has now unveiled an administrative toolbar to allow our clients to more effectively manage their websites. So why is that so important?

The new administrative toolbar may not seem like a big deal now … but it will be soon! Here’s why. Prior to the toolbar, our clients managed their websites through a handful of links that led them deeper into the tools within the site. That approach served us well for quite some time, but what has been happening for the past year (maybe longer!) is we’ve been wanting to add more powerful tools to the website, but find we have nowhere to put them. Everything was too many clicks away. Quite simply, we have outgrown the administrative tools we have created.

The new toolbar has very effectively allowed us to rearrange and clean up all the deep, dark areas and hidden corners of the website’s administration. It’s allowing us to more clearly present all the powerful tools we provide to printers. I’m expecting many clients will look at the toolbar and say, “Wow! I had no idea so much power was waiting for me in my website!”

Here’s another important component of introducing the toolbar: We have now set the stage to release even more new tools to help printers succeed with their websites. We have so many projects we’ve been working on, but have intentionally held back on developing those projects because we know we wouldn’t have a good place to put them once they were done. Now, with the clarity and organization the toolbar provides, we have room to grow again. Life is going to be good for our customers!

The stage is now set. The Administrative Toolbar is in play, it’s time to take websites to the next level!

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