The Real Sarah Palin

My wife and I are fans of Sarah Palin. I got my wife Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue book for Christmas (BIG points for that one!) and my wife devoured that book. After reading the book she sent an e-mail to a cousin living in Sarah’s home town of Wasilla, Alaska asking if the Sarah Palin in the book is the Sarah Palin in real life.

Here is my wife’s question:

I was just telling Dave that I should e-mail you and see what you say about her or what the people of Alaska say. From what her book says she is real popular. Wasn’t she even mayor of your town? Basically, is she as good as she seems?

…and her cousin’s response:

To answer your question yes she is as real as she seems and really a down to earth person. Most people in Alaska love her and what she did for our state.  I think she is someone who can really put her foot down and wade through the B.S. to get to the real issues.  I have not read her book yet.  I personally would love to see her run for president and win one day.  I believe as president she could cut through all the BS and really do this country some good. I think she really got the short end of the stick in the public eye when she was on the ticket for VP.  We really need someone as real as she is in the oval office.  Just my opinion  🙂

And that’s a report, untainted by big news outlets, about as close to the source as you can get.

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