Thoughts on the Sterilization of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2009 is now behind us. More than once I found myself thinking that the Thanksgiving we celebrate has been sterilized when compared to previous Thanksgiving celebrations in our nation’s history.

President Abraham Lincoln made his Proclamation of Thanksgiving when the country was in the middle of a civil war. With the future of the country on the line he still found it necessary to issue a presidential proclamation of thanks. Ask yourself: could you genuinely give thanks in such a time of national struggle?

Rewind even further to when the Pilgrims gave thanks. In their case there was no question that they should give thanks. Their minds were likely filled with nothing but thanks; their trip was behind them, they were in the New World.

In our modern-day Thanksgiving celebration, I often wonder if we give enough thanks. We’re thankful for a big meal that’s relatively easy to provide. We’re thankful for a flat-screen TV with two or three football games to watch.

We’ve sterilized Thanskgiving. Are we able to be thankful in all situations? Are we able to recognize the source of all things for which we give thanks is God Almighty who has mercifully provided us with all we need? Let’s not sterilize Thanksgiving. Let’s give thanks to God, who through Jesus Christ provided a way for us to enjoy an eternal relationship with Him. Eternity is a long time … let’s give thanks!

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