We Have a Baby Sitter … or … Point of Grace and Mark Schultz Concert

There are two different directions I could go with this post. I could talk about 1) the fact that our oldest child is now a capable babysitter, or 2) going to the Point of Grace – Mark Schultz concert. Both stories will ultimately converge, so here we go!

My wife and I knew several weeks ago we would be attending the Point of Grace – Mark Schultz concert. We knew we’d need a babysitter; it didn’t dawn on us that we might have a babysitter in our own house! We decided that Emily is old enough and responsible enough to take care of the nighttime activities, and indeed she was! She was able to do everything needed to take care of her younger sister and brother and make sure they got to bed safely.

That’s just one of a recent series of child-rearing landmarks we’ve celebrated. Others include my wife being gone for the weekend and not feeling like kids have driven me crazy, and being able to go through a buffet line with only one plate in our hand.

Now back to the concert. It was, as one might expect, an enjoyable concert. I’m not one to write-up music and concert reviews; suffice it to say that the concert was sold out, and well done. The interesting part for me was volunteering to help break down and pack up after the concert. There were about eight professionals managing the teardown, and about 12 volunteers to help. It really was an interesting experience seeing all the “parts” and loading those parts into touring quality shipping containers. The whole process took about 2-1/2 hours. The end result was a fully loaded semi truck.

The staffers said that after they left the concert they would go to a hotel for a 20-minute shower and then hop on the bus and sleep on the road as they travelled to the next concert venue (Duluth MN in this case). If I heard right and remember right, the bus sleeps fifteen.

And so ends a successful night with a child reaching a new level of responsibility, and an interesting night after a fun concert!

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