A Raving Fan of WebsitesForPrinters.com

One of my favorite customers included me on the following e-mail which was sent to several of his printing industry acquaintances. He does such a good job using his website to its fullest, and he’s such an exuberant “cheerleader” too!

Today’s new WebsitesForPrinters.com Knowledgebase article … allows us to add a few more Job Status “granular details” into our Online Print Center Settings so we can send clients “mini email updates” on their job progress instead of just “In Production” and “Completed” email update notes.

The attached JPEG shows screen shots (removed for privacy) for a real job today on which we did this and shows some of the phrases we decided to put into the Online Print Center settings when our WS4P system sends email job updates to our clients for us!

Believe it or not, this same customer in (location removed for privacy), just awarded us ALL their printing business because of WebsitesForPrinters.com capabilities!!!!  We did a sales call on them, set up a “test drive” web account for them, placed their “products” on their own “customer portal” and did a “test order” with all the normal tools/stuff that all of us have, and they decided to award their $27,000 annual printing budget to us!  Wahoooo!  What an ROI for only $115 a month!!!

Keeps gettin’ better and more flexible every month ! ! !

Print On!

FWIW, the e-mail was edited slightly for readability, and to remove items that are best kept private out of respect for our client.

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