Print 09 Observations

Even though there’s still one day left of Print 09 (likely to be one very quiet day), I’d like to capture a few observations related to being at the show.

The first two days of the show were very slow … to the point where I was thinking that Print 09 wasn’t worth the trip.

Days three through five picked up considerably. introduced Harmony (Press Release here). Existing clients and visitors were very excited! Quite honestly, I think this is going to be one of the biggest things … maybe even THE biggest thing … we’ve ever done.

We made several initial connections with other vendors interested in implementing the Harmony communication tools.

A prospect came over to our booth, and one of our booth staff saw them throw into the garbage the flyers of our most direct competitor. That was fun!

Another exhibitor (who could possibly be considered a fringe competitor) reported that  one of our clients visited his booth and liked his application of a web-to-print tool … but shed a tear (literally shed a tear!) about the prospect of leaving for something else! Wow, what loyalty!

That’s it for tonight. Unless tomorrow produces some dramatically huge surprises I suspect that will also be it for Print 09!

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