Make Money? Save Time? BOTH!

I’m just about to hit the “Send” button on an e-mail to a prospect I visited last week. This printer has a customer that places 10-15  orders for business cards each week, and he wanted to find out if a website with the uDesignIT! variable data add-on would help his printing firm make those orders easier for his customer and more profitable for him. After hearing the monthly charge for this service I could sense some sticker shock. But … the sticker shock is unwarranted.

Here’s the e-mail I sent him regarding the way my calculator works:

Hi Larry,

Last week you called and we talked about the ability to allow your hospital customer to create and order their business cards online. You mentiond they are ordering 10-15 cards per week. When we discussed the monthly charges to allow those orders to happen, I think you went into a bit of sticker shock! 🙂

With that in mind, I’d like you to take a look at how my calculator runs the numbers.

Let’s start with some assumptions:

– 12 cards per week.

– Design rate of $70/hour

– 20 minutes per card to cover typesetting, proofing with customer, and all the back-and-forth that takes your employee time.

Now, the big assumption that comes into play is this: Let’s assume that the website eliminate 15 of the 20 minutes in the above assumption. (This is a totally realistic assumption. Keep in mind  you’ll get a production-ready card, already proofed by your customer. Your employee’s responsibility is then to reduced to entering the production-ready PDF generated by the website into your workflow.) You still get to bill for those 15 minutes saved!

15 minutes (or .25 hour) saved x 12 cards per week x $70 per hour = $210 per week

$210 per week x 52 weeks in a year / 12 months in a year = $910 per month

So … instead of your employees spending an extra 15 minutes to go through the process of putting a job into the system, they can instead use those minutes saved to generate an extra $910 of design or prepress revenue each month! Back out the $185 for the website plus uDesignIT! and that still leaves you with $725 each month. That means you’d pay for the startup charge in 2 months … which is a number that matches up nicely with the 60-Day Live Trial program.

In other words, you have absolutley nothing to loose (except your current website’s “We’re working on a new website!” display) and everything to gain! And … we haven’t even touched on other sales-building tools found in the website.

So with that said, are you willing to take a closer look at a demo website?

I’d be happy to dig deepr … just let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Happy Printing!

Dave Hultin, Managing Partner

800-736-0688 x 130

It will be interesting to learn his response. Now, if you are a printer that happened to bump into this random blog post on the Internet, I’d be interested in your response. One of the assumptions I presented was a billable design rate of $70 per hour.

What hourly rate are you charging for graphic design and typesetting? Is my assumption of $70 per hour on the mark? I’d really like to know! Please leave a comment…

One Response to Make Money? Save Time? BOTH!

  1. Dave,

    I think that you are right on the number. Just the opportunity to eliminate the reprints, ease of use and provide the customer peace of mind is what sold us. It works, just do it!

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