Fargo-Moorhead Flood Watch: We Survived Round 1

This has been quite a week. It feels like we have won Round 1 of this flood fight, but there is more to come so we can’t rest on a false sense of security. Fargo-Moorhead built the dikes to a 43-foot level, the river (so far) has topped out at just under 41 feet. The river may no longer be rising but we can’t let our guard down. The dikes need to hold until the water is down to a safe level.

This last week has really been filled with amazing events. Here are the memories that will be permanently etched into my mind:

  • Seeing police escorts for flatbed trailers carrying palletes of sandbags to where they are needed most.
  • Seeing Coast Guard helicopters land at the hospital across the street to drop off rescued flood victims. Keep in mind we’re in Fargo North Dakota, 300 miles away from the geographical center of North America … so seeing Coast Guard helicopters flying around town was a site in itself.
  • My first sandbagging experience placed me in the Oak Creek neighborhood. I was able to look across the area we were working at and see our old neighborhood.
  • In Oak Creek I saw a familiar face … my daughter’s orthodontist. I figured he was another volunteer, but it turns out I was helping protect his house.
  • Finishing up one project usually results in the volunteers breaking up into small packs of 2-3 people roaming around looking for the next place to help out. My pack found a house just starting to increase the height of their dike, and within 30 minutes our roaming pack was joined by many others. We had three lines of sandbag delivery going, probably 60+ people in all.
  • Sending my wife and kids out of town so they’d already be in a safe spot … just in case.

Those are some of the big memories, but there is so much more. It is truly amazing to see all the volunteers that came together to pull this off. Absolutely amazing. God has truly answered prayers by covering our cities with protection.

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