The Cree LR6 – A Beautiful Light!

Our family is building a new house, and like anyone building their dream home we want it to be “just right.” After all, this is the home we’d like to retire in! We’ve already done a lot of “just right” things, including using an ultra-energy efficient ICF construction system (Amvic) and Shuco windows. We also plan on using tankless water heater (most likely a Rinnai system).

We also want to do the lights right. My first though was to use compact flourescents, but I found something better … MUCH better! It’s the Cree LR6, which uses LEDs to produce the light.

After my wife discovered some horror stories about how some families had pretty big potential health issues with broken CFLs (because of the mercury content) I thought, “There has to be a better way.” One night I had one of my kid’s LED flashlights in my hand and began to wonder if LEDs were being developed for residential lighting.

They are, but they’re not quite yet ready for prime-time (except for the Cree LR6). While there are definitely some big pros on LED lights (ridiculously low energy consumption and long life) there are still some big obstacles that need to be overcome. The two biggest obstacles from my view are the very directional nature of the light (no warm glow from these bulbs!) and the lack of intensity. Higher initial cost may also be a factor for many, but for us … we’re building this house for the long haul so LEDs will pay for themselves in about 6 years by my math.

I’m happy to report that the Cree LR6 has very elegantly overcome these two obstacles! I had the opportunity to take one home yesterday and try it out. The light is quite simply, beautiful! Cree has found a way to create light with a very eye-pleasing color that doesn’t just shine a narrow beam straight down … it spreads out evenly like any other recessed light. And it’s bright! Other LEDs just always seemed to leave me wanting more intensity. The Cree delivers!

And now the best part is the math! I’ll have more to say on that later when we are ready to finalize the location (and quantity) of lights in our house. But for now the future looks bright, thanks to Cree!

Here are two more links from Cree I found helpful when doing my research:

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