John McCain or Adolf Hitler?

Finally, a leader that’s not afraid to show some exuberant emotion! But before anyone reading starts to wonder, I am NOT endorsing Hitler or Nazism in any way shape or form. Now, onto the real reason for the post.

In recent years I have been on a quest to learn more and more about the world’s condition at the time of Hitler. I just couldn’t understand how society could accept and support a movement with such warped ideals. Certainly one of the reasons the Nazi movement survived and thrived is because of the fiery emotions Hitler was able to express. He really believed in his agenda and he had no problem showing it. Case in point:

Now take a look at the speeches we’re being fed in American politics. There’s no one delivering a message with any fire in their gut. So many of the speeches are delivered with a slow, monotone delivery that’s better suited to putting my kids asleep. But then I viewed the end of John McCain’s nomination acceptance speech. I was so incredibly excited to actually see a politician talk like they believed what they were saying and pour some emotion into their presentation! I just haven’t seen that in my lifetime until now.

Take a look at the video below and fast-forward to the 50 minute mark … then give it 30 more seconds.

Finally, a politician that sounds like he believes what he’s saying!

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