No other gods

Last Sunday we were camping and visited Bethel Lutheran Church in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. One of the reasons we selected that particular church for a visit was to see if we could bump into the kids’ former classmates that have moved to Fergus Falls. We did, and had a wonderful time of visiting after church!

The pastor (David Foss) had a wonderful sermon. He was introducing a series on the Ten Commandments, and he led off with the first one: Have no other gods. He presented an angle I really hadn’t thought of before. He suggested that God’s reason for establishing this commandment wasn’t necessarily to force Himself on His people. Instead, the reason for this commandment could be God saying, “You’re not safe with anybody else.” Considering that the context of the introduction of the Ten Commandments was when the Israelites were starting their dessert journey, this perspective makes total sense.

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