Kind Words from a Client

Usually I am not in a position to grab the phones when they ring, but today I was. John called, he needed some help. It was simple stuff … just stuff he hadn’t run into yet. I always cringe a little bit when I get the tech support calls. I’d rather be working on the big projects that keep on the leading edge. But today was different, I took John’s call requesting help.

John was helped, problem solved. John ended the call by saying, “You know, I really appreciate you guys at You are always able to help me on the spot. I called my estimating software company for help yesterday, and they said they’d call me the next day. When someone is drowning, you don’t tell them you’ll throw them a life preserver tomorrow!”

Wow. I know our customer service team is passionate about customer service, and John’s comments prove it! We don’t get to help everyone on-the-spot. Sometimes too much help is required. But if we can help on the spot, we will!

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