Passionate about Customer Service

Here’s a picture showing what happens when you’re passionate about customer service:

Gift from Dan Sumner, Hayes Printing

One of our recent new customers, Dan Sumner, came to us because he needed some help with his most important customer. The customer he needed to accommodate wasn’t just any customer. It was the “big, huge, my business depends on keeping them happy” kind of customer. This customer required custom programming to be able to allow their purchasing system to interact with Dan’s website.

Dan needed a solution. His previous provider, PrinterPresence, wasn’t up to the challenge. was! We are really going over the top to help him out. So far we’ve switched his website over from PrinterPresence to That change itself has been very well-received by his customers, and is keeping him in good standing. Next up is completing the custom programming, and we’re on schedule to bring that to a rapid completion as well.

So back to the picture that started this story. Dan totally recognized our great customer service! It’s not that we did anything different for him. Our crew treated his requests just like the requests from any of our customers. It’s just that Dan’s requests ran a bit deeper than most and he was just tickled with the way rose to the challenge. The result? A big “Thank You” gift from Dan!

Andy (in the picture) has been working closest with Dan during his transition to, so he gets to babysit the gift basket full of goodies. He’s been getting a lot of visitors in his office lately!

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