Where’s the Recession?

I heard there was a recession coming. I don’t believe it. Neither do a lot of our WebsitesForPrinters.com customers!

It’s so interesting to study human nature. A lot of times people and businesses will simply buckle down and jettison everything they see as non-essential to prepare for an economic downturn. That’s a valid response of course; however, I find it very interesting that people will often have an incorrect idea on what should be considered non-essential.

Often times it’s the website that’s seen as non-essential. Sometimes that may be true, as in the case of someone that has their own “homemade” website that actually does more harm than good. However, in most cases nothing could be further from the truth. I just finished visiting with someone wrapping up his WebsitesForPrinters.com 60-Day Live Trial program, and he “gets it.” He understands that while his competitors are scaling back to prepare for the downturn, he needs to push harder to be prepared to win his share of the market. There are going to be fewer dollars spent by consumers … he’s positioning himself to be in a position to attract those dwindling dollars. He mentioned more than once it was so easy to get started with a WebsitesForPrinters.com website, and that fact in itself is going to allow him to get a huge jump on any of his competitors that will also be preparing to compete for the dollars available in his market.

That’s what’s so exciting to me. He’s not the only customer that “gets it” … WebsitesForPrinters.com continues to grow because other printers are also wise enough to prepare for the hard times by increasing the vitality and viability of their website presence. Our crew is on mandatory overtime right now, and new employees are preparing to start their careers with WebsitesForPrinters.com. Exciting times indeed! But perhaps the most exciting and rewarding part of all of this opportunity in the middle of an economic downturn is knowing that we’re helping printers succeed, even when times are tough. Maybe it’s better to say this: We’re helping printers succeed especially when times are tough! I take pride in that, and so do my coworkers.

I hope the recession never gets here. But if it does let me know … our customers may have a hard time noticing!

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