Too Much Success!!!

I’m writing this post late at night. (Or is that early in the morning?) It’s theraputic because I need to unwind before going to sleep after a long day at work. Long days … that’s been the theme for the crew lately … that’s the result of us having more success than capacity! Here are some interesting observations:

  • Tomorrow we’ll present a job offer to a well-qualified candidate for Customer Service. If he accepts he’ll be a quick study.
  • We’re enjoying the luxury of being able to be very selective on identifying the prospects we want to work with. Everyone gets treated with respect of course, but we’re able to prioritize our calls and pursue only the prospects that are well-qualified.
  • Some of our loudest cheerleaders are referring prospects our way, and away from our competitors. Today I had a great visit with someone that was considering PagePath / MyOrderDesk, PrinterPresence, PageDNA and Four51 … until our customer (a former PrinterPresence customer) met up with him and told him to give us a look.
  • Speaking of PrinterPresence customers, there are five printers in the queue to leave and move over to

And speaking of switchers, another one switched late last week … and this time I learned even more about the way PrinterPresence treats their “customers” … and I use that definition loosely! 🙂

This switcher contacted us and we gave him the standard Printer Presence Switcher promotion, but discovered that his URL did not display a PrinterPresence website; He insisted he had paid them the startup and was being charged monthly hosting charges. Sure enough, he faxed over the invoice to prove it … he had indeed paid his startup charges. He was also paying monthly charges … even though his website wasn’t live with PrinterPresence! He told us that PrinterPresence starts charging him after 60 days, even if the website isn’t live yet. Now that’s low … how in the world can they charge for a website service that doesn’t even exist?!? It’s no wonder their customers are beating a path to our door.

So back to “Too Much Success” … is looking for a few good employees: Customer Service, Programmers, Developers, Designers / Web Artists … the works! It’s truly exciting times here at!

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