I Thought I was Holding a Dead Child

This morning was perhaps the scariest experience of my life. For a few moments I thought we lost our oldest daughter. I’ll just call her “E” to keep her name off the public record. E took a shower to get ready for school this morning and felt a little sick to her stomach when she got out. She leaned over the toilet, and when we checked in on her a few moments later her head was wedged between the toilet and the wall. At first we thought she was perhaps just throwing up on the floor instead of in the toilet. But she wasn’t moving.

My wife said, “Dave, what’s wrong with  E?” I went over to E, picked her up, and she was like a rag doll, her head rolling into my arms. Her eyes were wide open and not moving. Nothing was moving. I said, “Quick, call 911!!!” Then E started to come around.

All I could do was cry at what I thought was experiencing, and give God a big huge “Thank You” for allowing E to be part of our family. To God be all praise!!!

She probably just fainted … that happened to my wife and her sisters when they were growing up. But that’s not how it looked to me. I seriously thought we were going to lose E. Many tears were shed over what could have been, many more tears of thanks were shed for what didn’t happen.

One Response to I Thought I was Holding a Dead Child

  1. Rick Fowler says:

    Dave, PTL that you and yours are well and especially for E!!!

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