An Interesting Comment about PrintSmith Site

I just hung up the phone visiting with a prospect, and he had a very interesting comment. The person I was visiting with was not the decision-maker. Too bad, because he was totally sold on! His boss is really hung up on needing integration with their installation of PrintSmith. I explained to him … and he agreed … that some of our most successful customers are the ones that are also demanding an integration. However, they also realize that the most important part of the order-taking process is NOT the integration, but instead it’s the customer experience during the process of placing the order. Good experience = happy customer = more orders = well, you can figure out the rest of the story. Bad experience = …the end of that story is much easier to complete, and much more painful to discover.

Anyways, the quote that should appear on the refrigerator magnet of every printer is this:

The benefits of integration realized by PrintSmith site are not worth what the customer is forced to experience when using PrintSmith Site.

I wish I had said that! Interesting. Very interesting…!

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