Another Fun PrinterPresence “Switcher” Story

Here’s another fun story about someone switching from PrinterPresence to, but this one has an interesting twist.

There are two printers involved in this story, Printer A and Printer B. Printer A is currently using PrinterPresence, and is open to considering a switch to, but has no urgency to make the switch at this time. However, he sees our product as superior and encouraged his brother-in-law, Printer B, to

As it turns out, both and PrinterPresence were doing our best to try to win over Printer B. He liked what we offered, and was very comfortable in the way things were going. Then all of a sudden I seemed to have lost contact with him. At the same time, I was keeping communications going with Printer A, and asked him if he had any insight as to what was going on with Printer B. He said Printer B had signed up with PrinterPresence. I was shocked. One of the strongest letters I’ve ever written was sent out (FedEx overnight), and it caught the attention of Printer B.

This is where it gets interesting … and entertaining!

Printer B said he got himself confused, and thought he was going forward with us, when in reality he was talking with PrinterPresence. He went so far as to sign a contract with them. He hadn’t gone live yet (thank goodness!), but he was on that path. Then I reminded him of two things:

  1. He said he had painted himself into a corner and didn’t know how to get out. I reminded him that it would be a whole lot easier to “unpaint” himself now instead of later!
  2. I reminded him of this little gem posted on the PrinterPresence website’s Pricing Information page: “Digital IMS will refund 100% of your setup costs and your first month of hosting if at the conclusion of your first month, you are not satisfied with your PrinterPresence website.”

He gave them a call. They were less than happy, but they gave him his money back! Good stuff…

It’s also worth noting another subtle difference that makes us friendlier. We offer a 60-Day Live Trial program. We don’t even talk about money until a prospect has had an opportunity to try out everything for 60 days. PrinterPresence takes the money first, then it’s up to the customer to request it back if they don’t like the way things are going. The difference is subtle, but powerful.

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