New Printer@Work Article

Carl writes our Printer@Work e-mail newsletter content (the newsletter is built into each website) and he does a beautiful job! However, he strayed from the tried and true with this recent “Uncommon Product” article:

Forged Documents

Need a passport to bring your Uncle Vinny into the country from Sicily? How about some green cards and immigration papers for those migrant workers in your factory? Whether you’re in the market for new identity papers for your bagman, Tony, or a fake ID for your daughter’s sweet 16, we can help you meet all your forged document needs.

At our print shop, we print on only the most authentic paper stocks available and with the same inks used by government agencies. Our “designers” are experienced artisans who take pride in the work they do. Stop in “after hours” and park in the back alley. The service entry is around the north side. Tell them Vito sent you.

This article is supposed to be a very short “we can do this” article and photo of uncommon items a printer might do … but this is what we get when Carl’s creative license takes over!

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