I Quit!!!

GraphExpo 2007 Day Two brought another day of non-stop action at the WebsitesForPrinters.com booth. The traffic just didn’t let up at all! We have lots of customers that are passionate about their websites, but two in particular have really made GraphExpo a lot of fun.

Customer #1 has stopped by our booth probably no less than seven times over the last two days. Every time he’s there he just starts chiming in with the presentation, telling the prospect how valuable WebsitesForPrinters.com is for him. The
best part for me was when I looked down to the other end of the booth and there he was running the computer for the prospect! All we had to do was step away and let him go! He’s incredible!!!

Same thing with Customer #2 … I was about 2/3 of the way through a presentation when he just took over the conversation, basically telling the prospect to stop wasting his time, quit looking at anything else, and get set up with us. Over and over again, the good news just kept pouring out.

So…I quit! Our customers are a much better sales team than I could ever be!

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