Jordin Sparks Wins American Idol!

Wow, what a night for Jordin Sparks! Tonight she won American Idol 2007! Normally I wouldn’t get too excited about such things … but this time is different, because I found out that I’m actually related to Jordin! Once I found that out my family started watching American Idol, and we were hooked.

My cousin Roberta, one of my family’s geneaologic experts, says the lines trace this way. Jordin’s Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents are the same as my Great-Great-Grandparents. It’s kind of a stretch, but the connection is there! Jordin has some cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents in Fargo. I don’t know them, but they’ve been in the news a lot during this whole contest. The running joke is that with each win Jordin became more closely related to me. By the time she was crowned champion, we were brother and sister!

Congratulations to Jordin. Even though the ancestral lines have to stretch a bit, I have to say I’m incredibly proud of her … she is so talented!

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