Biking to Work

After many years of not riding a bike I finally got my feet on the pedals again! It’s a “win” all the way around!

  • I get 20 minutes of exercise each day (about 10 minutes each way).
  • I save gas, to the point where the bike pays for itself in less than 100 days (3 mile round trip x 25¢ per mile in the Yukon x 2 Yukon trips per day = $1.50 … x 83 days = $124.50, about the price of my “el cheapo” bike).
  • I save wear and tear on the Yukon .

The best part is going for rides with the kids. Emily got a taste of Quality Time on a bike path last night, and she loved it!!!

2 Responses to Biking to Work

  1. i agree Dave! yes, having a bike does save you on gas, parking, and!

    • davehultin says:

      We’re in a different house now, so the equation needs to be updated to a 9 mile round trip … better payback! But last summer my son had T-ball and biking didn’t leave enough time to get back and hook up with him before his game started so I was using the Yukon. Bummer. Hopefully the schedule will be more bike-friendly next summer.

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