Switching from PrinterPresence.com to WebsitesForPrinters.com

Now THIS is getting frustrating. We have a pretty good track record of customers coming to WebsitesForPrinters.com from Printer Presence. I’d estimate the ratio is about 12:1 in our favor of people that switch. However, with one of the most recent switchers, Printer Presence just was not helpful in the least bit. I understand their reluctance to help when they are about to lose a customer, but refusing to help is simply not a way I’d want to do business, especially when a customer is getting ready to leave. When a customer leaves I’d want to make sure to give them the best possible treatment in hopes of saving them … or at the very least I’d want to make sure to NOT give them a reason to criticize me.

We couldn’t transfer using the “normal” methods because Printer Presence was holding the customer’s domain in their reseller account with Network Solutions. All the Printer Presence needed to do was to put in the new DNS entries for the domain being transferred. Then when the website is live with us they would need to unlock the domain, provide us with the authorization key, and approve approve transfer to our registrar.

But they didn’t.

So now we’re on to Plan B, and it’s working … and they’ll lose customer, leaving them with bad feelings … and we’ll gain a customer with good feelings!

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