Enfocus PitStop Preflighting Unveiled Today

Today was a big day as we officially released the addition of Enfocus PitStop Preflighting to the Jaws PDF Courier workflow. This is a powerful new tool, allowing a printer’s WebsitesForPrinters.com website to check … and often correct … PDF files sent to the website via Jaws PDF Courier.

Enfocus PitStop Preflighting will run an incoming PDF through a series of checks, and will act on items in the PDF file in one of three ways:

  • The PitStop Package will be able to correct some of the items it finds. For example, in the Color (Separated) Package, all colors will be converted to the CMYK color mode. The customer will be alerted to what was corrected, and why.
  • The PitStop Package will identify “trouble spots” that can’t be corrected. For example, a customer may submit a PDF containing a low-resolution image. The image will still print, but the customer will be warned of the consequences of printing low-resolution images and can then opt to contact you for assistance before an unacceptable image is printed.
  • The PitStop Package may manipulate the PDF in ways that will allow for more efficient print production. For instance, Enfocus PitStop will provide the option to have the PDF’s page size enlarged and to have printer’s marks and cut marks added. In these instances, the customer is not alerted to these actions.

One of the most rewarding parts of this introduction is that we were able to do it at no additional cost to our subscribers. That’s one of the most powerful attributes of our business model … the ability for WebsitesForPrinters.com to bring tools to printers that would otherwise be beyond reach.

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